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Those We Love are the films which have caught the attention of the selection teams from the very beginning of the viewing process as well throughout the year at different festivals, films which they could not get them out of their minds.

In turn, the Golden Nights, the French Académie des Césars’s traveling program, known as Les Nuits en Or, include 34 award-winning films, specifically one matinee and one marathon screening to take us through the day and into the night. (Daniel Ebner)
Presented by
Akademie des Österreichischen Films and Académie des César.

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Midnight Movies

And when that midnight bell finally tolls, you’ll know it’s time for lurid stories, lewd scenes, and ludicrous sights! Nightmares is here to scare your pants off, Très chic encourages you to put on your best red leather pants, and what you do with your pants after watching PopPorn ... well, we’ll leave that up to you. (Diana Mereoiu)

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Exhibition & performance

The audiovisual exhibition shaping democracy is a participative tour through the history of the Austrian Republic based on its guiding principles and paradoxes.

FEED.X, presented in cooperation with Wiener Festwochen, is a new version of the iconic work FEED by Kurt Hentschläger, that tests the limits of human perception by oscillating methods of sensory deprivation and sensory overload.

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Best of VIS

Let’s put a cherry on top: The final day of the festival is reserved for the most popular and award-winning festival entries. For the spectacular finale, we serve up films that were either showered with awards by our juries or heaped with praise by our audiences. Immediately after the awards ceremony, we’ll start you off with the V Trophy and prize money winning live action shorts, documentary shorts, animated shorts, experimental shorts, and music videos from around the world, followed by a screening of all audience favorites in both theaters. Don’t miss this! (Daniel Ebner)