© Roadside Attraction (Ivete Lucas, Patrick Bresnan)

Festival Opening

Singing fish. Selfies with Air Force One. Stunts on the outskirts of a city. Once the fifteenth edition of VIS kicks into gear, hold on to your seats, because our mix of award winners, gems, and premieres has its gaze locked on both our crystal anniversary and our focus theme We Need To Disagree. Becoming walled off and crossing boundaries, poverty and promises of salvation, flight and might-using the power of cinema, these opposite pairs are a fertile ground for satirical analyses of current affairs and subtle social criticism: from ironic classics and three extraordinary award winners to some intense miniatures. (de)

Curated by Daniel Ebner

Award from gabarage upcycling design

Awards Ceremony

The highlight for all nominees and the festival's glittering finale: the awards ceremony. The awards are collectively endowed with almost 20.000 euros this year.

Afterwards, while the newly decorated award winners celebrate their success with a glass of Champagne, the award-winning films will be shown on the big screen once more. The audience has the choice of seeing the films chosen by the jury or those picked by the audience—or ideally go and see both awarded programs.