Panel discussions and workshop talks, industry brunches and location tours, exhibitions, receptions, and parties: The VIS Academy, which has enjoyed years of wholehearted support from the Vienna Film Commission, encompasses all festival activities that go beyond the usual film presentations.

The Film & Talk format is directed at industry insiders and general audiences alike, providing a platform for an intensive exchange of ideas about current developments in the field of short film (Distribution Without Distributors?) and offering an opportunity to learn more about professional challenges due to recent changes in the world of film (Festival Academies: Stepping Stone Or Last Straw?).

Filled to the brim with content, the series Meet The Artist is designed as a two-part workshop talk, each featuring two artists from our International Competition—one of them with Réka Bucsi and Michael Enzbrunner at the MuseumsQuartier and one with Adinah Dancyger and Elinor Nechemya at METRO Kinokulturhaus.

Along with industry-only events (such as receptions and the location tour), the VIS Academy will also celebrate with the audience: for instance, in a visit to Nikita Diakur’s mini-exhibition at ASIFAKEIL (MuseumsQuartier) or in the VIS Nights, where we invite you to talk, sing, dance, and drink—boisterously and extensively! (Daniel Ebner)

© VIS, Christoph Thorwartl

Film & Talk: Meet The Industry

The VIS Academy is intended to help filmmakers exchange ideas in the context of different events, such as Industry Breakfasts and receptions as well as a location tour through the city, but especially at Film & Talk at the METRO Kinokulturhaus. The conversation format is the most intensive way to exchange ideas about current topics. (Daniel Ebner)

Curated by Marija Milovanovic (mm), VIS Vienna Shorts
In cooperation with Vienna Film Commission

© VIS, Andreas Kepplinger

Meet The AA-Artists

This series of “workshop talks” offers unique insight into current artistic practices and gives attendants the opportunity to discuss pressing issues with other participants. As part of Animation Avantgarde, the Berlinale award winner Réka Bucsi and Michael Enzbrunner will present their respective approaches to form and content. Additionally, visitors will meet Adinah Dancyger and Elinor Nechemya, two filmmakers from the category Fiction & Documentary, who will discuss their methods and techniques. (Daniel Ebner)

© VIS, Michael Straub

Film & Talk: shaping democracy

Against the backdrop of events on the occasion of the 2018 anniversary year, we comment on and discuss recent perspectives on Nazism on Austrian history television programming. It concerns the political-ideological as well as media and formal settings of public history under increasingly national-authoritarian conditions.

“Ertragt Euch” (“Bear With Yourselves”) is the title of an article that recently appeared in the weekly newspaper Die Zeit. According to the author, world views drifting apart without a real discourse behind them are separating people from each other to such an extent that democracy is endangered. Tolerance, on the other hand, seems to have degenerated into a compulsory exercise without substance. Criticism of the system and its expression can no longer be attributed to a political side in the classical sense. Where are the political and the moral dividing lines nowadays and where is the common ground? In the anniversary year of the ’68 movement, these questions are intended to provide an occasion for a renewed assessment of political standpoints.