Diogo Costa Amarante captured our sensitive side in this year's festival trailer. He knows we are always talking about you, you, you, you and you.

Trailer 2017 - Ross Hogg & Duncan Cowles

What a moment. It's overwhelming, honestly. We'd like to thank Artists-in-Residence (Q21) Ross Hogg and Duncan Cowles, our friends, our family, the Academy and everyone who made this trailer possible. Thank you!


Colourful, trippy and slightly raving. Here it comes, right from the flatbed editor: The VIS Vienna Independent Shorts trailer 2016 by Artist-in-Residence (Q21Peter Millard

Trailer 2015 - Cristina Picchi

The two trailers for ViS 2015 show the urban space as a container of the unexpected before nature quietly reconquers man made environments. Shot in Montréal, sound by Bruno Bélanger. 

Trailer 2014 - Mihai Grecu, Thibault Gleize

This year’s artists in residence are the French multi media duo Mihai Grecu and Thibault Gleize, who caused quite a stir with their works in previous years at VIS, with their video Exland winning an award in 2013. This year the festival welcomes them as their guests with exhibitions at the MuseumsQuartier and three festival trailers.

Signation - Robert Seidel

The signation by Robert Seidel, our Artist in Residence 2012, is the opener of every festival programme. Seidel is currently working as an artist as well as an author and translator in the area of 2D/3D graphics. www.robertseidel.com

Two Papers (2013) - Mirjam Baker

The utopia of a love conquering all borders and failing at insurmountable hurdles: an experimental pas-de-deux in light shades of brown is created by two pieces of paper whose overlapping throws darker shadows over the close intimacy. The seemingly familiar letting go could also represent a slipping away, a state of exhaustion within the day-to-day relationship. The poetic, very emotional work has been shown in art house cinemas all over Austria since 1 May as promotion for the festival and was produced as part of the Casinos Austria short film grant.

Trailer 2012 - Jan Soldat

A man screaming in the woods. Uninhibited and seemingly for no apparent reason, at full volume nevertheless. Hardly any emotional act is as liberating and strange at the same time as the act of screaming at the top of your lungs. And hardly any festival trailer has polarized our audience as much as Jan Soldat's film. The young filmmaker studies at the film-school HFF "Konrad Wolf" in Potsdam, Germany and has caught the attention of the audience and many a film critic – at the Berlinale and other festivals – with his controversial documentary films revolving around the topics of homosexuality, sodomy (in its current meaning). Soldat's trailer also heralded the special focus of VIS 2012: Pushing the Boundaries  

Trailer 2011 - Max Hattler

Trailer 2010 – Adnan Popovic

Trailer 2009 – Wolfgang Pielmeier