© Anouk De Clercq

Interview with Anouk de Clercq

This year VIS Vienna Independent Shorts, in collaboration with sixpackfilm (represented by Mr. Gerald Weber), dedicates a special spotlight programme to the short films of esteemed Belgian artist, Anouk De Clercq. Friday, the 27th of May, indulge in 70 minutes of visual delight at the METRO Kinokulturhaus from 21:00. Anouk De Clercq will also pe part of the Animation Avangarde jury.

In preparation for the Spotlight programme, we had the chance to talk to her about her filmmaking process, sources of inspiration and whom she would want to “direct” her memories and imagination.

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© Pochlatko, Spitzer, Hartmann

Zebra Katz - I’m the new wave shit. Black Wave. Nu renegade

The sultry, the unfiltered, the provocative. Zebra Katz is Ojay Morgan's luscious persona that came to be during his college years and rose to prominence in the 2010s when Rick Ownes featured a looped fragment of "Ima Read" at the 2012 Paris Fashion Week. Since then, he tailored for himself an haute-couture, haute performance signature style that is sure to leave you buzzed.

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© Peter Millard

Interview with peter millard

Peter Millard is an English animation filmmaker with a taste for the absurd and a stream of consciousness approach to filmmaking that is open to explosive outbursts of humor and chaos. Having graduated from the Royal Collage of Art in London, his work was featured in film festivals in Ottawa, Edinburgh, Dresden, etc. and in retrospectives in the US, Japan, and South Korea.

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© Cecilia Traslaviña, Mauricio Durán

Interview with Cecilia Traslaviña

On Sunday, the 29th of May, starting from 14:00 you have the rare opportunity of watching a carefully curated selection of Colombian animation short films, at the Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus. The curator of the programme, Cecilia Traslaviña, will also be present at the screening to give a short introduction and answer all your questions. She will also pe part of the Animation Avangarde jury. We couldn’t wait until Sunday to satisfy curiosity, so Cecilia was kind enough to answer some of our questions in advance. Read below her insightful remarks on the state of Colombian animation, its relation to society and to the wider context of Latin America.

© Réka Bucsi

Interview with Réka Bucsi

Réka Bucsi is a Hungarian independent animation filmmaker with an organic and intuitive approach to the craft. Her films start from particular details and develop into free-flowing and surreal observations on the irrationality of the world. A regular at major festivals, her work has been screened at Sundance, Berlin and SXSW, among others.

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© Una Gunjak

Interview with Una Gunjak

Una Gunjak is a Bosnian filmmaker based between London and Paris. In her previous life, Una was known as editor but then went on to write and direct and made herself a name at the world's most prestigious film festivals (Cannes, Sundance, Sarajevo, etc.).In May, during her month-long residency at Q21, she will be working on the script development of her first feature film, "Alfa", a story about a mother and her daughter who intense bond turns toxic and bitter as they try to find a better future outside of their defunct home country. During the festival she'll furthermore be on the jury for the Music Video Competition.

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© Jan Soldat

interview with jan soldat

Jan Soldat is a German filmmaker who documents and explores alternative lifestyles and sexual behaviours in a way that aims neither to judge nor to explain his characters. His work has been regularly shown at film festivals around the world, including the Berlinale, Oberhausen, Rotterdam and Viennale. Apart from that, Jan Soldat is also a regular at VIS Vienna Independent Shorts and was responsible for the festival trailer in 2012 and part of the jury in 2014.