Short is anything but long!

Mission Statement of the Vienna Shorts Agency


Suitable for entertainment, for artistic debate and critical reflection or to look at a topic from different angles, short films are not only the oldest, but in the internet age, the most-watched and used cinematic form. The Vienna Shorts Agency has set itself the task to present the short film outside the usual festival framework and take it further. Emphasis is placed, on the one hand, on a careful curating and on the other on a fair payment for the filmmakers.


Apart from the use of short films before feature-length film screenings, the curating of special short film programmes on specific topics and the organisation and execution of events and film competitions for companies and cultural institutions, the Agency is also concerned with the stronger presence of the short film in schools, on TV and the internet. Moreover, the agency makes the moving image even outside the usual theatrical exhibition within the meaning of "Expanded Cinema" accessible, experimenting with various forms of projection.

In short: With the supposedly small we dare the (amazingly) big.